Run and hide in a snowy wood


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Hide is a first person adventure horror game where players control a character who is running from another mysterious character. At no point do you find out why you have to run, nor who you are running from, all you know is that if you reach the end it will all be over.

Your goal, as in the main title of the Slender games, is to find five different elements scattered throughout the snowy forest. These can be found literally anywhere: in the facade of a lonely house, on a rock, a tree, etc.

The best thing about Hide is the audio. It can fill you with more fear that any other game in the genre just by using its minimal score and powerful sound effects. Then when you add in the a retro visuals, the result is a truly frightening adventure.

Hide is a truly scary adventure with lots traditional elements, and while there is nothing really innovative as far as the gameplay is concerned, it does manage to create a really scary environment with a technical level that is actually far more advanced than it may initially appear.
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